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bridal/wedding applications

Bridal Application (in studio) $125


Bridal Party Applications  (in studio)  $110

*In studio bridal application take place at Color Du Jour Makeup Studio. Booked up to 2 months out, subject to availability. 


Bridal Application (on location) 

Bridal Party Applications (on location)  contact us for pricing 


Wedding Consultations **​   $125


Includes color and foundation matching


Wedding Consultations, although recommended, are at the discretion of the bride to be. Up to 90 minutes are allocated to bridal consultations to discuss and apply desired or similar look. 


Microblading Services

3D Mircroblading  - $400 (includes touch-up)

Microshading/Ombré Brow - $475 (includes touch-up)

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