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Be true to your brand and deliver what you promise to your clients.


Be consistent! If you’re not, your customers will start to fizzle out and it will have hard to gain new clients/customers. 


Create a consistent voice across your brand. Your clients will appreciate your responses if you remove negative emotions.


Remain professional at all times and doing this for will allow you to sleep better at night. Ex: is your brand friendly?

Be personable to potential clients don’t be controversial because word travels fast! 


Work on building long term relationships with clients and customers. Create trust and honest branding because word travels fast. 


Don’t be afraid of being innovative and daring. This typically requires work on your part!


Spend days thinking outside of the box and try to execute your ideas. When doing this consider the opportunity cost. 


Push emotional triggers.

-people want to belong and feel include


-trust is the best emotion, fear, guilt, value, competition, instant gratification, leadership, trend-setting (all the cool kids are doing it, modern-day image)


-the wheel of emotions


- Robert Plutchik : Study Wheel of Emotions

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