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packing your makeup kit 


Traveling with your makeup kit can be a hassle and you don’t want to run the risk of having to turn around from TSA and go back to check in, to check in a bag that you were not able to carry on. Being a traveling makeup artist where I service clients near and far, I have ran into some hiccups while traveling with my kit.


There was a time where I was carrying too many liquid lipsticks and foundations through the gate. TSA made me turn around to check liquid lipsticks but surprisingly let me slide that one time with the foundations. There was a time that I was able to bring my makeup chair at no cost going to Jamaica, but they made me pay for it coming back simply because it was a couple of inches longer than the allowed length.


I have actually checked a bag that I did not properly pack and I spent so much time crying and cleaning the kit before servicing my clients because so many items emptied or broke. Another incident I remember was bringing my makeup on the plane as a carry on and there was no space for my bag overhead so they were trying to make me check the bag at the ramp. 


I told them that is not possible and luckily, they had an empty seat for me to place my makeup kit.  So first, check all of the requirements that you must follow before packing your kit and make sure the overhead on the plane is going to fit your kit because some express jets don’t have much room.

  • I have found ZUCA bags to be easy to travel with. They also have a hard top where you can use it to sit on when waiting with your bag. ZUCA bags compacts the items that you are traveling with.


  • Purchase travel containers so that you can avoid packing large bottles i.e. brush cleaner, setting spray, primer, foundations, etc. 


  • Get a picture of the people you will be servicing so that you aren’t packing unnecessary shades and inform your clients that there can’t be any add on client’s per this reason.


  • Get pictures of your client’s desired looks so that you can limit the amount of eyeshadow palettes that you pack, but still bring options.


  • When packing foundations, place them in bubble wrap and wrap each foundation bottle to avoid spillage on other bottles in case one breaks or opens during transport. Then pack those bottles in a ZUCA bag to compact all of the bottles together.


  • Bubble wrap makeup palettes and stack them to avoid impact causing eyeshadows and blushes to shatter. If you don’t have bubble wrap use towels. If you can carry on palettes with you, that will be a better option.


  • If you happen to service a client that you were not prepared for, be sure to bring a cream palette that has a large range of shades to choose from to ensure you have the proper shades. 


  • Avoid carrying on sharp objects and pack them in a zip lock bag or travel bag separate from other makeup products.


  • Pack individual eyeshadows and pigments in zip lock bags to avoid impact that will possibly cause container lid from coming off. 


  • Get locks for your baggage and this will minimize the possibility of TSA or anyone handling luggage from going through it. 


  • If you decide to travel with a light, pack tripod at the bottom of carry on or checked bag and wrap light source in bubble wrap or towel. Don’t forget light source cord and bring an extra light bulb. Place light source between clothes so that there is not any major impact on the light. 


  • Purchase a large travel bag that will fit your makeup chair in case you want to bring it along. You will be able to purchase one at the airport as well. Some airlines will require an extra charge for chair because of the shape of it, but typically Southwest lets me check it with no charge since it is lightweight. To avoid bringing a chair, check ahead to see if there is an appropriate height chair you can use. I typically have hotels and resorts deliver a comfortable bar stool to my brides room before time of service.


  • Please keep in mind when going to certain countries like Jamaica, you will be given a hard time if traveling with a lot of makeup because they don’t want you possible selling products there. The price of the same products you purchase in US are higher in other countries so try not to travel with many new boxed products.


  • Keep in mind if traveling with brush cleaner, alcohol, or any other liquid products, they may spill so tapping the caps may put you at ease to avoid spillage on other products or clothes. 


  • Avoid traveling with a lot of loose glitter but instead purchase and travel with glitter that already has the adhesive include i.e. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter.

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