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bridal prices!


When creating my package rates,
take into consideration the following:

What you make per hour if you had a back to back clientele

  • When creating my packages, the first thing I considered was what would I typically make on a Friday & Saturday if I had a back to back schedule. My max is 7 so I would at least calculate that amount for 7 people. This is just the skeleton of the pricing that you begin with.

Gas and Mileage

  • Always include gas, wear and tear on your car when creating your packaging. Consider how far you are willing to travel and include the price of the max miles that you will travel. The IRS standard mileage rate is 57.50 cents/mile. Use that standard to calculate the gas mileage. If the wedding is further away, consider adding more on for travel rate or utilize one of their hours for the travel if the bride is open to that. 

  • Also factor in a small fee for the possible wear and tear on car as well as oil changes.

  • Time

    • Consider the amount of time you will be in your car traveling to and from your weddings. Also consider the amount of time it takes to pack and unpack kit. Remember time is money. Whatever you will make per hour on a client, there should be a slightly lower rate included for the time spent prepping for this bride and the time it may take if in traffic. All of these things should be factored in.


  • Consider using luxury products on brides that will last the entire wedding, but also include a small fee for the products used. It’s not important to include but something to consider because you should be compensated for what is used on the bride. Brides do require more products and typically different types of products from your individual clients.

Valet, Tolls, & Extra Fees

  • This should be in the bridal contract and the authorized card on file should take care of these charges. Send a courtesy email along with receipts to create transparency.

  • Consider your labor (you are not a machine)

    • My max number is 7 for a bridal party and may decrease in years to come because the focus should always be the bride and servicing many bridal party members will take your focus and energy away from the bride. Often times I am asked to service more than 7 bridesmaids and I rarely say yes to that request, but if I decide to in order to accommodate bride, that will be an extra individual appointment fee outside of the package. Now I am having to service more bridal party members and make sure my bride receives the luxury service which will also add more hours to your day. Again, you are not a machine. 

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