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Content Calendar





Planning and being intentional with content that you will post on social media is key to growing your following and keeping your followers engaged. Although you can use the simple draft function in Instagram, it’s more beneficial to plan out a month of content at a time so that you can push your audience in the direction you want them to go. Whether it’s advertising services, classes, or products, being intentional will allow you to capitalize on all of the options that you offer your clients/customers. 



5 Reasons why your content calendar is important

It helps you plan your marketing efforts around events or important dates in your industry or company and see where there may be holes in your content.

It allows plenty of time to fill those holes with relevant content that is valuable to your audience and will keep you from creating content on the go.

It helps you organize your content.


It keeps you consistent with posting and keeping audience engaged.




It will help you be more strategic with content. 


Growth Activity: Let’s create a 30 Day plan together! We will utilize the template to create a strategic plan for content we would like to post. Use template provided. 


Growth Activity: Webinar


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