Remain visible by posting quality pictures

Tag/Mention Companies

Email companies directly to express your interest in joining PR list

Explore Blogger

Creating highlight videos on social media using their products 

Use hashtags

Stay active on company’s stories and newsfeed


How to reach more individuals with your brand

Using yourself as advertising 

  Constantly pass out business cards

  Put your logo in prospective clients face constantly!

Shirts (specialized branded apparel), Makeup Chair, Pictures, Bags etc.

Mail Chimp – Email Subscribers

Word of Mouth

Meet Up or Social Clubs *Networking*

Square Rewards/Loyalty Program



Clients feel comfortable when you are practicing proper sanitation practices.

Proper Sanitation Tools 

99% Proof Alcohol 

Spatula & Palette

Hand Sanitizer

Brush Cleanser/Brush Soap

Sample lip wands & Mascara Wands


Clorox Wipes

Face Wipes

Hair Tie



Deep Clean Brushes at least once a week (full day of clients, clean per day)

Use Disinfectant to clean (Alcohol/Clorox wipes)

Spot clean between clients

Don’t double dip into products

Don’t store Beauty Blenders in plastic bags or concealed containers

Sanitize powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc. with alcohol after use. Spray powders down typically at the end of day to allow dry time

Sanitize hands after you touch face, hair, etc.

Ask clients what they’re allergic to before application

Use your discretion (client’s red eye, cold sore, etc.)

There should be no food around work area

Refer to TDLR Health & Safety Rules Chapter 83 as a guide




Brushes left unclean may contain dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution & bacteria

Dirty Brushes & Tools can cause pores to get clogged resulting in breakouts

Bacteria from brushes can cause staph infections, pink eye, fungal infection, or herpes

Beauty Blenders may contain dark spots which is bacteria and need to be disposed of immediately

BB’s left unclean may contain bugs. (YouTube Videos)

Brushes left unclean will make makeup look worse; not true to shades chosen

Obtaining PR Packages

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