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Brows are an important part of the application and it is important to determine the style of the brows that you want to represent your artistry. As you can see there is an ongoing change within the makeup industry when it comes to brows so it is important to keep up with the changes of brow styles. 


You can stick to one style or change it up according to what your clients choose but it’s necessary to communicate the style of brows your clients are going for before the start of the application.


So what style do you prefer?


watch a video

of the different brow styles that I have provided.

growth activity 


Reference the trends of eyebrows that I have attached for you as a guide and compete a look on models/clients and choose 3 styles of brows. This way you can show potential clients the brow choices you are willing to do.


By doing this activity, it may help you narrow down the style of brows you wish to complete on your clients once you see how those brow styles look. Also having the proper hand control is necessary to completing a good brow so practice, practice, practice.

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