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In most places, there is no particular level of training required to become a makeup artist. Even in states and provinces where you must become licensed, the process takes place with the licensing bureau rather than a particular training program. Makeup artists who do seek professional training, however, often find that their skills are regarded more highly by clients.


With the exception of some highly prestigious makeup schools, makeup artistry programs are quite affordable. Many schools will also offer payment plans to accommodate their students’ budgets.




Cosmetologists are required to complete training that meets a regulated standard. You won’t be permitted to take licensing tests until you complete professional training in an accredited program. Cosmetology programs are often more expensive than makeup artistry programs because they require more training hours and additional supplies.

Applicants with makeup artistry training and/or experience in the beauty industry are more likely to be accepted and to excel in a cosmetology program.




Professional esthetician training covers the widest range of skills requiring the most specialized equipment. It is therefore the most expensive. Esthetician programs are comparable in length to cosmetology programs, but they’re usually longer than the average makeup artistry training program.


Applicants who have already completed training for makeup artistry or cosmetology and worked in the industry have an advantage when it comes to being accepted into and excelling at esthetician training.

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