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price setting

To help with price setting look at the prices of artist that have been doing makeup the same amount years as you and see what they are charging.

I honestly based my prices on what I felt comfortable with charging for a specific service and gradually increased my prices in $10-$15 increments once my clientele grew. So about every 2 years, I gave myself a raise and I made sure I didn’t scare my clients off with the price increase.

You don’t want to lose your clients over pricing so I typically raised my prices when I needed to slow down my clientele and I knew my work and the experience I offered my clients had improved.


This is up to your discretion to base pricing on the products used, but as an artist, it is important to keep up with products used and amount of money you spend on the replenishment of those products.

As an artist it is important to do a financial break down of the money you spend on products monthly and the income you bring in based on the specific number of faces should be at least three times what you spend on makeup.

For my brides who are receiving a more luxury service, I tend to use higher end products on them compared to the bridal party. I also have VIP clients that I travel to and I like to use higher end products on them as well. The cost of the luxury services pays for higher end products.

 products used


Based on the cost of living in an area certain prices will work and certain prices not. Be sure to do your research on standard pricing for the services you will be offering. Assess the prices that other artist are charging that are located in your area or close to, and create an average price using those numbers that you have seen other artist charging.

Some clients within a specific area may not value makeup artistry as much as a metropolitan area so don’t scare your clients away. Charge your worth yes, but in order to keep a consistent clientele, you don’t want to be deemed as too expensive where client’s don’t give you and your artistry a chance. You can always increase your pricing when the timing is right.

What is your competition charging?

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