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No More Shine Translucent Powder

Color Du Jour's No More Shine Translucent Powder is made from 100% minced rich earth minerals. 
- Helps set makeup foundation and concealer in place without leaving a color cast. 
- Absorbs and disperses light in a manner that gives off glowing, smooth, refined, and flawless skin.
- Visibly reduces pore size instantly upon application
- Helps manage excessive oil, sweat, and shine for the perfect matte finish
- Allows skin to remain hydrated and supple


Directions: Apply using a cosmetic sponge on top of foundation, concealer and and in any areas where you would like to have a matte and smooth finish. Apply product to settle on face for 2-3 minutes. Brush visible powder away using a makeup brush.


Ingredients: Silica, Sericite along with a proprietary blend of rich earth mineral powders.

No More Shine Translucent Powder

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