PRIME & SET Makeup Spray

This PRIME & SET MAKEUP SPRAY is a natural combination of plant and mineral waters with properties designed to allow for a long lasting makeup application. The PRIME & SET MAKEUP SPRAY will also control the temperature of your makeup allowing it to remain set in various environments. With this spray, your makeup will not settle into fine lines and create a smooth appearance while remaining vibrant! 

PRIME & SET MAKEUP SPRAY will be essential during summer months to refresh your makeup without washing it all off while giving a dewy finish.

PRIME & SET MAKEUP SPRAY is also great for converting mineral eye shadow into foiled shadow and helps apply makeup pigments to your eyelid without major fall out. For this, spray product into the lid of the makeup pigment, tap pigment product into the container's lid, mix together and apply using an eye shadow brush. Clean the container's lid of pigments/mineral eyeshadow once you are done.

Directions: Use PRIME & SET MAKEUP SPRAY before applying makeup and again after.

Active Ingredients: 
Witch Hazel Distillate (non-alcohol), Aloe, Silica, Rose Water, Plant Glycerine, Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

PRIME & SET Makeup Spray