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consider the 
bridal industry?
Learn how to book luxury & destination brides! 
Reach out to luxury wedding planners, photographers, etc. and offer an exclusive discount so that they can encourage brides to use your services.
Conduct mock bridal looks/photoshoots that showcases your bridal makeup
Work bridal shows and/or share a booth with other vendors
Offer Referral incentives to previous brides.
Collect bridal reviews
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I remembered the stress I experienced on my big day. This is a day I had planned so much for and put so much money into. We save and sacrifice in order to have the wedding we envision for ourselves.

As a bride one of the biggest focus is how they look on their big day and the goal is always perfection, which is unrealistic, but we want to be close to that as possible.  One of the first vendors I remembered booking was makeup. I appreciated how my artist gave me the look I desired for my big day. I also appreciated how calm my artist remained in a very stressful environment.

I remembered how I felt that day and that was one of the reasons I chose to work in the bridal industry. I knew I always wanted to be the bridal makeup artist that was peace for my bride in an environment of chaos.
I want my brides to always remember how calm they felt in my makeup chair.
I have worked 11 years in the bridal industry and throughout my career I continue to make my bride as stress free as I can.
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