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Make-up artists, cosmetologists, and estheticians can operate within the same location, however they're hired for different task. As an example, a cosmetologist may not be booked for  a function that simply requires makeup application, despite the fact that they have got that training, but instead will be working on hair or nails.




Makeup artists have a wide variety of workplaces. Many work as freelancers, on weddings and proms, or in the fashion enterprise on photo shoots and fashion shows. Some make-up artists work for productions or television businesses. They might also work at a make-up counter as a cosmetic expert assisting customers or helping to choose products. Salons also allow booth rental to makeup artists to do expert applications but no superior services. Skilled make-up artists would possibly begin to run their own organizations or brand like yourself.

Expert makeup artists are paid nicely, but possibly more as a cosmetologists and esthetician. If artist get into the bridal industry, tv enterprise, or higher end jobs, they will get paid more than both esthetician and cosmetologist. 




Cosmetologists primarily work in fitness clubs, salons, and spas. They can provide a full range of services or specialize in one thing. They may additionally be employed at hotels, resorts, or cruise ships offering relaxation treatments. Experienced cosmetologists begin their very own businesses. Cosmetologists are sometimes paid more than freelance make-up artists due to the fact they have specialized skill, but no longer as extraordinarily as estheticians who've received extra training. Their price of pay varies primarily based on wherein they work and the nature in their duties. In my experience as a makeup artist and salon owner, I bring in more income than the average cosmetologist and I have witness other artist in the studio do the same. 



Like cosmetologists, estheticians work mainly in health clubs, salons, and spas. They are less likely to work in hospitality because microdermabrasion is less popular on holiday than a manicure or facial. Experienced estheticians might start their own business or open a salon.

With the exception of makeup artists and cosmetologists working high profile or celebrity jobs, estheticians are often paid at a higher rate because the services they offer require the most specialized equipment and more advanced training.

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