Welcome Mentee

I wanted to make sure that I was fully equipped for you to begin mentoring others. I try to operate in excellence in every way that I can. With that said, I have made sure that I have educated myself on all the tools that will be presented within this program that I feel will be necessary for your path as a makeup artist. By continuously seeking and receiving guidance, I have the resources in place to give you the tools that I know will grow your brand. I am constantly seeking advice from life coaches, brand specialist, and even better, God who has been the reason I am successful in my career today. I am here for you!

I have so many excuses to not be where I am today, but my passion allows me to continuously focus on my career and dive head first in my daily task. I’m able to escape from all trials and tribulations through putting my energy into my career. When I focus on my craft, my problems don’t seem to be as important. This is truly my passion. Ask yourself, “Is makeup artistry your passion?” If so, you’re in the right place. There are going to be so many variables that will try to knock you off your path, but if this is truly your passion, you will truly stick to it because ultimately, this is where you belong

So with this internship, you will get personalized instruction that will guide you through starting your business, building your brand, growing your clientele, and opening up your own studio if that is what you desire. I have included live demos where you will be able to ask any questions, hear from a branding specialist, growth activities, real case scenarios, and guidance with building your portfolio. You will also receive, email, and contract templates. During the live demos you will be able to ask unlimited questions and with me, no question is off limits.

I’m here to hand you the blueprint of tools/techniques that I know has helped me grow my brand. I will never forget when I decided to start my own makeup company, I asked a makeup artist for a one on one. I didn’t think it was an odd request as I do one on ones all the time, but her response was “ Its best to figure things out on my own”. That was the worst advice anyone can give at the moment, but looking back on it, it was the best advice she can give me. I will say through my journey I have figured out how to do a lot on my own, but YOU don’t have to. Yes, I want you to put forth the effort as I won’t be able to give you the entire template for your business since everyone’s goals are unique to them, but with this program, you will not have to “figure everything out on your own”. 


I look forward to working with you! Just bring your PASSION and let’s get started.

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