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To succeed, you have to do believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality" - Anita Roddick

This program requires you to have PASSION because I certainly cannot teach it! My passion and love for everything makeup are what drives me to continuously push toward my goals in this industry. I have seen numerous talented artists that struggle to build their business due to a lack of PASSION for what they do. Passion is what turns your business into a brand. Although we will always strive to increase our income, if that is your sole purpose for getting into the industry, you will lose momentum and get burnt out. 


Chase the passion, not the money! (repeat this daily). 


The beauty world is constantly changing due to new makeup trends. Your passion will allow you to continuously evolve as an artist as the shifts occur. Remember - we are our own competition and we have to challenge ourselves to be a better version of ourselves. Use your clients’ needs for you and the smiles you bring to their faces to fuel your passion. 


Are you truly passionate about being a makeup artist?


In order to grow your brand, sacrifices are necessary. I have sacrificed several areas of my life, from my free time to quality time with family and friends, and not to mention - money! Sacrifice comes with being an entrepreneur and owning your own business. You may have to sacrifice stability, income, balancing work/life, sleep, and most of all comfort. As a freelance makeup artist and now business owner, I sacrificed it all at some point. Although sacrifices are a key part of your success, this mentorship program will help alleviate some of the pressure by introducing tools that will eliminate some of your obstacles. 


How have you handled the sacrifices you’ve faced through your entrepreneurial journey?


Through every step of this program, I expect everything to be done in excellence. Why? Because it is a differentiator. Doing your best leads you to be the best, so I would like to see all of my mentees utilize that mindset along this journey (and beyond). Please take the time to complete each assignment completely and thoughtfully so you can apply these learnings to your own business. Put more time and effort into your projects initially so that you don’t have to constantly update your information and/or format of your content - it will save more time. As far as the artistry, it’s important to always give your best to the clients that you serve. Your clients are a major key in growing your brand. People will remember how you made them feel long after the service has been rendered. 


Give that client a reason to bring another client to you. Do this, and you will see your client base grow at a quicker pace. When people ask me how I grew my clientele so fast, this is the reason I give them. Strive for "100% RETENTION" and "100% GROWTH". Many of my online reviews, mention more about me as a person than the service they were provided. 


Operate in excellence with your craft and your business and watch it grow! 


What does operating in excellence look like to you?


"Positive thinking results in positive outcomes". - Alaina


Yes, positivity is necessary! As artists, it is important to have a positive internal dialogue with ourselves. Artists can be hard on themselves and over-critical of their work, which can hinder them from facing fears and embracing challenges. After a challenge is successfully mastered there is a reward at the end. 


Keep the positive thoughts flowing. When I encounter artists that exude optimism and positivity, I notice that they grow at a quicker pace than artists that constantly think (or say) negative comments about their work. Clients love a confident artist and when you remain positive about your work, it helps them feel more comfortable working with you and your brand. It’s natural for your mind to go the negative route, so that’s why it’s important to train yourself into thinking positively often. 


Activity: Write out your daily affirmations that are relevant to your journey as a makeup artist on your mirror with an Expo Marker or a place that you can see daily. Please be prepared to share those positive affirmations with me throughout this program.


Acknowledgment Statement: By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to lead with my passion, make sacrifices to excel, operate in excellence, and continue to have a positive outlook while on my journey throughout this process. 

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