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The more you practice your craft, the more you will feel comfortable charging more, so practice, practice, practice. Quality work of course brings more opportunities and clientele so naturally being confident in your work will help you be confident in your pricing and raising it if needed.

Believe it or not, your pricing will also be determined by the quality of pictures that you post. It is important to post the best content possible that showcases your work well on your website as well as all social media platforms that you use for your business.




By now you should have already determined your audience. Your audience that you market to also determines your pricing and you should base your pricing on who you service.

If I market to a younger group of women/men, I am going to be more reluctant to set my prices high compared to servicing women/men who have entered or already in the workforce. If you service brides, it involves so much more work on your end so you would definitely need to charge more than a regular service.




When you give your clients an experience, great location, ambiance, offer wine, snacks, coffee, etc. it’s easier to set premium prices to take care of the expenses to create the experience. Your clients love to have an experience that will give them good photo ops,  so although they are paying a premium, they will keep coming back for the experience.

Creating a great atmosphere where the clients feel welcomed and appreciated in a great location where they feel comfortable will make them forget about how much they paid because then it will be well worth it. 

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