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Orbit Baby G3 Travel System | Landon's 1st Whip

I was first introduced to the Orbit Baby travel system during my second trimester while visiting the Baby’s & Kid’s 1st furniture store. I knew in that moment I had to have it for baby Landon. What initially attracted me to this stroller was it’s versatility and modern design. Many other strollers that I’ve seen on the market worked well for infants and not so well with toddlers, or vice versa. The Orbit Baby travel system is definitively a game changer and was must have for this mom!

One of the best features of the Orbit Baby infant car seat is the pain it saves your back with its 360-degree rotating capability. I’ve seen it! Moms removing their baby’s car seat from it’s base, while reaching over the car seat in an uncomfortable position. Over time this can become an inconvenience especially as your baby grows and become heavier. With Orbit’s 360 system, you can rotate the car seat 90 degrees to remove your baby with ease. As with the car seat, the stroller base also rotates. Whether I desire to position baby Landon facing me while I stroll or position him front facing, I have options. I have not been able to find this feature on any other car seat. #MajorKey

Another great feature of the Orbit car sear is the UV sunshade that you can pull down to protect your baby from harmful rays, rain, wind or unwanted spectators.

Safety is key for me before anything else. I love that the car seat and stroller are made of steel components where other brands use plastic parts. The deeper sidewall of the car seat protects your baby from crash impacts or flying debris. I’ve came across many reviews from parents involved in car crashes who swear by the durability of Orbit’s infant car seat.

Plan on growing your family in the future? If so, no need to go out an entire new stroller. Orbit Baby’s upgradeable system allows you to convert your single stroller to a double stroller with their “Double Stroller Kit.” In fact, each piece separately so you can customize the stroller to your needs or wants.

Other Orbit Baby G3 features:

The first stroller seat with 3DRotation, which allows the seat to both rotate and recline in one fluid motion.

Orbit travel system is the only system that allows you to dock your infant car seat and toddler car seat on the same base.

All G3 Orbit Baby seats use fabrics certified clean by Oeko-Tex, making them gentle on your baby’s skin.

You may find and purchase Orbit Baby’s G3 Travel System at, Baby’s & Kid’s 1st Furniture or other Orbit Baby retailers near you.

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