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MUFE Artist Rouge Collection

I recently got my hands on the Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipsticks! First let's start with the amazing MUFE packaging. Before opening the packages, I was able to watch a quick video inside a card they sent highlighting the "Artist Rouge Collection". Marketing at it's finest! So of course I couldn’t wait to see what was in the package. There are 21 gorgeous lipsticks in the collection, and I actually swatched every one of them. There are some lipsticks that are matte but still have a velvety finish. There are also some cream formulations that create a bold finish. They have shades that range from neutral to bold and include some really unique colors. I love how they came out with lipsticks that compliment everyone's skin tone and are also highly pigmented. I am so excited to put them to use on my clients! I recommend them because of the high quality, pigmentation, clean application, and numerous shades you get to choose from.

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